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Backscratchers Products UK

We're now official distributors of Backscratchers for the UK. If there are Backscratchers Products you require, not listed, Contact Us

Backscratchers products in the UK over the last year or so have become unobtainable. We at Direct Beauty Supplies are aiming to replace that supply as of June 2018, due to the previous distributor no longer supplying Backscratcher Products in the UK.

Becoming the new distributor for Backscratchers UK, being able to continue the supply and to supply them at the best possible price, we are radically changing how products are ordered and imported. Ultimately, this is to provide greater control to you, the Nail Tech, in terms of your stock ordering and holding.

Here's the Order Deadline and Estimated Shipping time table for the next 12 months.

1st Quarter:- Order Deadline:June 29th 2018, expected delivery end of July 2018
2nd Quarter:- Order Deadline:September 28th 2018, expected delivery end of October 2018
3rd Quarter:- Order Deadline:December 21st 2018, expected delivery end of January 2019
4th Quarter:- Order Deadline:March 29th 2018, expected delivery end of April 2019

You might decide to order every quarter, every other quarter. Which ever quarter you order in, there is a minimum order of £100.00.

Why did we bring in a minimum order for Backscratcher Products?

For a number of reasons but mainly.

  1. We know that the majority of nail techs are ordering in excess of £100.00 per year but ordering throughout the year. This was inefficient and meant the nail tech (you), have to pay shipping. It's worth noting that since we took the site over in 2017, we introduced FREE shipping on ALL orders over £100, this saved our customers a lot of money in shipping.
  2. Importing Backscratchers Products to the UK incurs charges including freight forwarding, import and duty charges. By ordering a larger amount (a minimum order), we are able to keep these costs down and therefore maintain the best price possible.

What do I need to do?

Check the dates above and decide in which quarters you are going to order (remember, you can order in any quarter with only a £100 minimum order - You DO NOT have to order every quarter...unless you want to). Place your order by the Order Deadline Date.

IMPORTANT: Make sure you order enough products to last you until you next order / the next quarter!