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Brillbird Brush And Go Gel - Colour Gels

Brillbird Brush and Go Gel

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Brillbird Brush and Go Gel - Colour Gels -

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Colour Gels Covers perfectly in one layer perfect choice for Gel decoration and cleansing free

THE BRUSH&GO GELS DUE TO THEIR ULTRA-HIGH PIGMENT CONTENT COVER PERFECTLY IN ONE LAYER, MANICURE SHINY, SO THERE IS NO NEED FOR CLEANSING AND SHINE GEL! Create amazing nails for your clients, with 2/3 less time and material usage! Choose the Brush&Go family of Brillbird!! We can replace the 2 layers of color gels, plus the top shine with one layer of Brush&Go gel.We do not have to cure the nails layer by layer, and cleanse them at the end of the process. We can suggest our Brush&Go color gels not only for creating a colorful free edge and comple

Apply and go Colour Gels! It’s enough to use only one layer, due to the ultra high pigmentation, perfect cover and no need for cleansing. Easy and fast to use, you and your client will appreciate it. Use on the entire nail surface, to French nails or for decoration.

Curing time: in UV lamp 2-3 minutes in LED lamp 1-2 minutes.

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