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Mavala Lipliner Pencils

Mavala Lip liner Pencils

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Mavala Lipliner Pencils

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Product Details

Mavalia Lip Liner Pencils precisely outline lips and allow an impeccable application of lipstick, also preventing lipstick from smudging. Lips will be enhanced. The Pencils smooth and fine texture, as well as their velvety touch, allow an easy and comfortable application.

Their components have been selected to notably facilitate gliding (candelilla wax) and to avoid lips drying out (shea butter, jojoba oil). These pencils come in different shades for a perfect and subtle harmony with the various colours of the Mavalia Lipstick range.

How to use:
Proceed from centre to lip corner on upper lip, and from one corner to the other on lower lip. The line is either applied on the natural line of the lips, or a little inside, to visually reduce too full lips.

Use before applying your lipstick.

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